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UNICEF Voluntary Donation
Valor: $1.500 c/u
Valor: $3.000 c/u
Valor: $5.000 c/u
Valor: $10.000 c/u
Valor: $15.000 c/u

Chilean Firemen Voluntary Donation

Valor: $1.500 c/u
Valor: $3.000 c/u
Valor: $5.000 c/u
Statement of Accountability and Protection Disclaimer

By registering, the participant declares: "I am in optimal health to participate in mds-Maratón de Santiago. Also,

the Organization, main sponsors, patrons, and/or other institutions are absolved from any responsibility regarding any accident or injury that may occur before, during and/or after the sporting event, waiving my right to any legal action against any such entity.

During the competition I will help the Organization to avoid personal injury. Furthermore, I authorize the Organization to use pictures, videos and any other audio-visual materials which may include the publication of my name in the classification of the event in the media and/or Internet, without expecting payment, compensation or remuneration for these publications.

I agree that the above is a required condition to receive a competition number and participate in the "mds-Maratón de Santiago."

I agree to receive news and information about the Maratón de Santiago and other events.

I agree to the terms & conditions.