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Please indicate a companion, that can be called during the competition in an emergency
The following information is crucial to the medical staff of the Promotional Race Púcon 2017 to assure for the runner so necessary care in case of an accident during the race. If your answer is yes to either question, answer this in the space provided.


Taking into consideration the willful acceptance to my participation in the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, I hereby expressly and irrevocably state that:

ONE: I hereby engage myself to adhere without any restrictions of any kind and nature all and every direction, provisions, regulations, and ordinances that are or may be necessary to the development of the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, event and which have been or will be delivered by the competition organizing team.

TWO: Likewise, I hereby willfully and irrevocably declare and extend this statement to all the individuals that I represent, whether legal or contractual parties that: I expressly waive and release from any civil liability, even the non contractual liability that might affect the event organizers as a consequence of any demand, action or claim pursued in connection with the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE. Furthermore, this waiver is particularly extended to Club Deportivo Universidad Católica de Chile, its directors, executives, officers, and voluntary personnel as well as to the event sponsors, the Ironman North America Organization, IMAN, the City Hall of Pucón and all and every agent, manager, heir, direct relatives, successors or assigns, including any claim for damages resulting from a negligent action by any of them, originated in my participation in the event and related activities, along with any expenses including legal costs that may be incurred in connection with such claim, whether valid or not, and I shall indemnify and keep safe and harmless the above listed individuals against any claim that I or my visits or any of my or their agents, managers, heirs, direct relatives, successors or assigns may have filed for expenses including the legal costs originated therein.

THREE: I hereby acknowledge my exclusive liability for my possessions and the sport team during the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, event, and the activities related thereto.

FOUR: I furthermore state that my physical and health condition in general is compatible to the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, competition. To that end I have submitted myself to the necessary medical checkups and any insufficiency, accident or disease that may be directly related to my health condition will be of my entire liability. Additionally, I hereby declare that I am in good physical and mental condition to participate in the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, next January 2017, and that may physical condition was revised by the relevant medical specialists.

FIVE: I hereby acknowledge that my participation in the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, involves dangers and risks. Hence, I hereby release the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, Club Deportivo Universidad Católica de Chile, its directors, executives, and officers as well as the event sponsors, the Ironman North America Organization, IMNA, and the City Hall of Pucón from any liability in connection with an occurrence or accident originated in an injury or death during the event and its related activities.

SIX: I hereby agree to receive the necessary medical care, as it may be determined by the specialists who will provide services to the event in case of injury, accident and/or disease during the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, Pucón 2017.

SEVEN: I hereby allow the free use of my name and image forever during and after the event in any kind of TV broadcasting, press or radio release etc. as they belong to the CAROZZI PROMOTIONAL RACE, Pucón 2017.

EIGHT: I hereby agree that if the event is cancelled for earthquake, windstorm, rainstorm, adverse sea or wind conditions, my registration fee will not be reimbursed.

NINE: There is no refund of total registration fee for any medical or personal argument. I also know and agree that my registration fee is not transferable to persons and not be postponed for the version of 2017, or other.

1. The competition will have a duration limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Lagged runners will be removed from the competition.

2. Athletes will respect the event staff's instructions.

3. Judges will have the authority to disqualify any runner.

4. Medical staff's decisions will be final to prevent a runner from participating as a consequence of his/her poor physical condition.

5. Any non-sportive or improper behavior in connection with the competition staff will cause the athlete's immediate disqualification.

6. Should an athlete quit the competition, he/she shall notify any of the organization's judges within 30 minutes. If he/she fails to do so, he/she will not be admitted in future events.

7. The organization reserves the right to make any changes in the competition rules, informing the same in a technical lecture.

8. The attendance to Thurday's technical lecture will be mandatory. Last instructions and the competition bags will be delivered.

9. Any complaints against penalties or against another runner will be submitted in written to the trial's general judge not later than 30 minutes after his/her participation has ended, or he/she quitted the race or was disqualified.

10. According to the norms of Ironman international, from 2009 the athletes that compete in events Ironman and Ironman 70.3, including Promotional Race Pucon 2017, compete in the age category that corresponds to his age at December 31 of the year of the race. Therefore, for example, an athlete that is 15 years old on race day (January) and turns 16 June 30, competes in Pucon in the age group 16-17 years old.


1. At the time of registration and payment, the athlete claims to be in full agreement and knowledge of the rules imposed by the organization of Promotional Race, Pucon 2017 also benefit from the implementation of them.

2. The value of the entries will have one section, from June 23 to August 17, 2016. The fee is CLP $85.000 and limited for 300 athletes.

3. There will be no waiting list.

4. There is no refund of total registration fee for any medical or personal argument

5. Registration is not transferable to persons under any medical or personal argument, and neither is deferred to the 2017 version, or others.
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